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About Us

Paddy and IngridNow parents, here is some stuff the kids are probably not really interested in, but you may be… (lol)

Our books are printed to a high spec. by SS Media in London. We have a high resolution gloss finish on all our books and most of our books will be hardback for durability. In our first book, “Tales of Young King Arthur”, Ingrid has hand painted each illustration with acrylic paint. This is very time consuming, but she loves doing it, so it’s worth all the effort!

Our digital illustrator is also tops in his field. Check out his website; Jonathan Temples Illustrations.

We publish our books through Parsifal Press, based in Newry, Co. Down. This is the publishing company of David M. Kiely (www.davidmkiely.com), a distinguished author in his own right.

Our first book, “Tales of Young King Arthur” is a picture/ rhyme book. Children have loved the phonics of rhyme from the dawn of time. It brings the words alive when we emphasize the rhyme. It shows them that reading can be fun and words can be played with. We have developed an engaging power point, both funny and informative, which we utilise on school visits .   For more information and book prices you can contact us through this website or send an email to [email protected]


When I was a child (which is a very long time ago!!!) I read a book called “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. It really fired up my imagination . I in turn am trying to encapsulate that same sense of awe in my own books and inspire a new generation of children to pick up books !!!!!


My name is Ingrid and I did the illustrations for the Tales of Young King Arthur book.
I have always loved drawing and painting. To be able to do this for children now is like
a dream come true! Hope you enjoyed reading the book as much as I have enjoyed painting it!